International Conference

The Manuscripts of
Charlemagne's Court School –

Individual Creation and
European Cultural Heritage


At the time being, intensive efforts are made to register the manuscripts of

Charlemagne's Court School in the list of UNESCO Memory of the World.
It concerns a corpus of eight complete manuscripts and a fragment that
are supplemented by the "Vienna Coronation Gospels" originating from the
Court School of Charlemagne.

The objective of the Trier Conference is manifold and will be subject to exploration by more than 30 international experts of the field: The presentations in Section I deal with an updated inventory of the manuscripts of the
Court School. Based on the latest state of research, the individual codices
are presented in a succinct, compendium-like way. The following sections will discuss the spiritual and cultural frame conditions of the Courtschool production. The papers of Section II focus on art historical aspects, whereas Section III will explore the environments of the Courtschool. In Section IV, the speakers will analyse historical aspects concerning the production and reception of the Courtschool. Finally, Section V will be devoted to Liturgy and Music.

The approach of conference is deeply transdisciplinary; Conference languages are English and German.

The detailed Conference Programm can be found here.

The conference is organized by the Trier City Research Library and the University of Trier under the patronage of the Minister-President of Rhineland-Palatinate, Malu Dreyer.